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Make Money Blogging – Affiliate Marketing Tips for Increased ClickBank Sales

Are You A Collector Of Affiliate Marketing Dreams? | How To Stay Poor

Are You A Collector Of Affiliate Marketing Dreams?How To Stay Poor. We all have the dream of becoming successful online, even those of us who are already successful (you will get that later). However, are you truly finding success or, are you a collector of only affiliate marketing dreams? A good way to stay poor and never make a dime here is simple, keep doing what you are doing, buy all the latest greatest programs, software and systems from the GURUS. Do not become the collector of affiliate marketing dreams, be the collector of “better” affiliate marketing practices, this is how you will escape being a poor affiliate.

6 tips to successful affiliate marketing

Do you have a website? Would you like to use your website to earn money? If you answered yes, one option is to become an affiliate. Below are some tips on how you can get started and on your way to becoming a successful affiliate online.Affiliate Program

  1. Join affiliate programs of products you know and trust. You can find thousands of affiliate programs, each promising to be the highest converting or offering the biggest payout. But in the end, the best converting programs will be the ones that you are able to confidently recommend to your visitors. Write a personal review of the products to show your authority and build trust with your customers.
  2. Focus on building traffic to your site. Work on your SEO so your site ranks organically in search engines. Then try a PPC campaign and have your ads linking to relevant content on your site. Just be careful of Trademark policies of the merchants that you’re an affiliate of. Many companies will not allow you to bid on their brand names, so make sure you read through the affiliate agreements carefully.
  3. Write good content. Customers don’t want to just see ads. They want to know why you are recommending products and you need to convince them why they NEED the products. Use a combination of banners and text links to find what works best on your site for your customers. Make the product promotion natural and not a big sales pitch.
  4. Disclose your affiliate relationship. The FTC requires that affiliates disclose that they are compensated if a customer purchases through their links when they are writing a recommendation or review. Here’s an example of the disclosure required:
  5. Do lots of testing. Find out what works for you. Try promoting different programs and see which your customers respond to best. Try rotating different banner placements on your site to see which converts better. Use Google Analytics and affiliate reporting to measure click-through and conversion rates.
  6. Get to know your affiliate managers. A good affiliate manager will be happy to take the time and review your site, give you feedback and work with you to promote their brand. If you can consistently generate a few sales per month, ask for a bonus or commission increase. Then use that bonus to increase your marketing spend and drive even more sales! It can be a win-win for both you and the company you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing takes time to grow, so don’t expect the sales to come overnight. As with any other business venture, you have to put in an effort in order to reap the rewards. While you can find many “get rich quick” programs online stating that all you have to do is become an affiliate and you’ll be an instant millionaire, they always have a catch.  But by following the above tips and working hard at it, you can be very successful at affiliate marketing.

48 Hour Lead And Traffic Generation Strategies – Vick’s Machine

Traffic Generation Techniques – Need more website visitors?

These traffic generation techniques will make sure your website get the attention it deserves.

I remember the first time I’ve built an affiliate website. I’ve spent days to design some good looking graphics and some more days to make sure everything was perfect.

Weeks went past and the website haven’t made a single sale!

The problem was that the website was lost in cyberspace and no-one ever knew it existed. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website looks like, if it doesn’t get any traffic it’s not going to make you any money.

There’s some really basic websites online that do very well just because of the large amount of traffic they receive.

Make sure you got your website set up making the core message of your website clear and any opt-in forms are ready to receive opt-ins. If you’ve done this then get started with these traffic generation techniques to get you some quality visitors.


Traffic Generation Techniques – From the desert to main street

1) Search Engine Advertisement

This is a great way to receive traffic fast but it does require you to spend some money. Google being the largest of the search engines, I do recommend you use Google Adwords for your search engine advertisement campaign.

Most advertisers only use the search result ads that you see being displayed at the top of the page when you enter a search term. Knowing this you can get one step ahead and use Google Adword’s Display Network and target other websites to display your ad.

Search Engine Advertisement

There’s an extra benefit of advertising on the Display network, when someone clicks your add that’s being display on another website in your niche, you basically receive a double qualified lead.

Visitors first qualified by searching for a term in your niche and clicked to visit a website from that niche, they then qualify once more by clicking on your add to visit your website.

2) Guest Blogging

For the newbies, when you post on someone else’s blog it’s called guest blogging. You have to learn how to find these blog you may post on. Remember that this blog post is called traffic generation techniques so you do not want to post on any old blog, you want to post to blogs that receive traffic and social interaction.

You could waste a lot of time if you spend all your time writing posts and then submitting them to blogs with very little quality traffic.Guest Blogging

You can use Alexa to see the amount of traffic the blogs you choose to post to receive. Also remember to visit the blog itself and see if it have a healthy dose of social engagement and comments. Read through the content and check the quality standard of the posts.

You will want to post excellent quality posts to these blogs, the better the quality the more visitors you will receive back to your website.

A good technique to find potential blogs for guest blogging is StumbleUpon. Search for sites in your niche, check out their home blog and make sure they qualify on the above points.

If the blog qualify then just contact them about a great article you think they will like to post on their site.

3) Viral Marketing

Got any of your own awesome videos or pictures gathering dust on your computer? Post it on YouTube or Facebook with a connection to your brand or website and see traffic flocking in from everywhere.

4) Search Engine Optimization


If you are looking for free, organic traffic then you absolutely need to do keyword research and write your post accordingly.

Search engines can provide you with thousands of visitors every month if you do your keyword research correctly.

Every single day many new products are launched so there will never be a scarcity of keywords you can write about on your blog.

Use your creative mind and Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner to come up with low competition, high monthly search volume keywords.

5)  Articles for Traffic

Article directories can be another great source of traffic if you have time to write articles every day.

If you want traffic from article directories make sure your articles are of excellent quality and provide a great deal of value to the reader.

People will only click on your website link at the bottom of the article if they think the article was valuable to them.

6) Traffic from Forums

Getting buyers is all about building trust. Forums can give you many pre-sold customers if you provide value in the forums and assist other members.

Don’t go spamming the forums or leave low quality comments on other people’s posts.

Put your website link in your forum signature and interact with other members of the forum. Leave about 10 to 15 quality comments a day and you will see the traffic to your website increase substantially.

7) Providing Quality to Subscribers

Last but not least of these traffic generation techniques is how to treat your subscribers. Make sure you send them quality information about your niche.


The average person get hundreds of promotional emails every month, if your newsletter doesn’t provide value, you will lose these subscribers.

With many autoresponders you are able to incorporate social media signals within your newsletter.

If they like your newsletter they will share it with a social signal you thus you get more exposure and more traffic from their friends and followers.

When starting to build traffic it’s important to take daily action, especially with the free traffic generation methods. You need a plan and you need to execute the plan daily.

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