5 Most Important Elements of an Opt-In Page

The opt-in page, or squeeze page, is a powerful free marketing tool that helps you connect with your target customers. With an opt-in list of subscribers, you can get your message directly to customers without expensive marketing methods. It’s important that you can get visitors to your marketing website to sign up to your list within the opt-in page. Keep in mind the 5 most important elements of an opt-in page to successfully populate your opt-in list.


The Layout

The overall look of your opt-in page should not distract the visitor from what you want him to do: sign up to your list. Keep the page short, with minimal scrolling required. Don’t add any other ads or links out of your opt-in page, aside from the button that sends your visitors’ information to your autoresponder.

The Headline

A strongly worded headline is crucial to draw the attention of your opt-in page’s visitors to read your message and to ultimately fill out the form and sign up to your list. Visually, it has to be eye-catching. The use of bright colors, especially red, gives the impression that what follows is crucial to the reader. Content is also important. Headlines should present the main benefit that the reader will get in exchange for reading through the page and opting-in to your list. This can be the most important value of your product, or your e-book that the user will receive, or how an important problem he has will be solved by what you are offering.

The Benefits List

The benefits list should consist of what your visitors stand to gain by signing up at the end of the opt-in page. They will be more inclined to exchange their email address and personal information for something that will be useful for them. This shouldn’t be a features list of your product or chapter list of your e-book. This section should tout what specific benefits your product or e-book is offering to your reader. Keep in mind what your potential customers need.

The Call to Action

There is only one call to action for an opt-in page: fill out the form and click the button to subscribe to your opt-in list. Even with a form in a prominent position of your page, it is still important to directly tell your opt-in page’s visitors to actually fill in the form. Reiterate this action and remind them of the valuable offers that they will get in exchange for their contact information. You can also offer additional incentives if they sign up.

The Opt-In Box

This element contains the actual forms that the visitor has to fill in to subscribe to your opt-in list. It is best that the information you request will be the bare minimum relevant information for you to be able to give your subscribers what they need. This should include:

* Subscriber’s first and last name

* Email address

* Preferred mail format (HTML or text)

You can also ask for a few more details like age, gender, hobbies, and the like, but only if they relate to the intended purpose of your product. Make sure that the button to click for sending their information is also eye-catching.

With a properly designed opt-in page, you will see more visitors converted into subscribers and customers. You will be able to extend the reach of your marketing efforts for the future products that you will offer. You will have an automatic list of potential customers who are already familiar with your products and will be interested in your future offers. Although it’s potentially time-consuming, a properly designed opt-in page will lead to increased sales and wider client reach.


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