4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

A short clip from my Total Business Mastery seminar about the 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy. This video will answer your questions about your marketing mix including: How do I get customers? How do i determine my target markets? Whats my competitive advantage?

BEST Home Based Business Ideas for 2012 & FORWARD – Robert Kiyosaki

Best home based business ideas for 2012. Top small business ideas to start in 2012. Home based businesses.

Top 10 Internet Home Business Ideas You Can Start and Run in Your Underwear

Can Anyone Make Money Online Working From Home?

Of course. Many thousands of people do. You might have friends or family members who make a living with a home-based Internet business already. The problem is that not everyone WILL make money online, because making money on the internet takes a long time to learn, and most people give up because it can be extremely frustrating.

How fun is it to think you can make money at home in your undies?


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  • 1 When Can You Quit Your Day Job to Work Online From Home?
  • 2 The Good News About the Home Based Business Industry
  • 3 Internet-Based Business: Startup Rules
  • 4 Internet Business Idea #1: Affiliate Marketing
  • 5 Internet Home Business Idea #2: Blogging
  • 6 Web-Based Business Idea #3: Information Products
  • 7 Idea #4 for Internet Home Based Businesses: E-Commerce
  • 8 Internet Home Business Idea #5: Sell Your Creative Arts, Crafts & Indie Products
  • 9 Home Business Idea for Web Workers #6: Internet Research Business
  • 10 Idea #7 for Working From Home on the Web: Freelance Writing
  • 11 Work At Home Web Business Idea #8: WordPress Consulting & Design
  • 12 Internet Business Idea #9: Coaching/Consulting
  • 13 Web Business Idea #10: VA (Virtual Assistant)
  • 14 Further Reading

With over 300,000 “Internet Home Business” related searches on the internet every month, it’s safe to say that there is a lot of demand for information on how to make money on the internet. Sadly, this also means that there are a lot of shady characters preying on this group of people.

I knew someone who fell for one of these scams once – they taught him how to make money online, and then all he did was sell seminars – on how to make money online. The fact that he had never actually made any money online wasbeside the point… I guess. Not surprisingly, I’m not a big supporter of his business. :)

When Can You Quit Your Day Job to Work Online From Home?

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for starting an internet home business is this: Don’t expect to replace your day job’s income for 365 days (or so!). Although I will add that service-based businesses tend to bring in revenue faster, I would still allow for a full year to replace your outside-the-home salary.

The Good News About the Home Based Business Industry

As long as you are willing to put in the hours (days… weeks…. months….. ) to learn the ropes, you can bootstrap your business with extremely little money, generally speaking. Remember that some businesses take more to start than others. I’ve probably directly invested less than $3000 getting this blog up and running, and now revenue is increasing at about a 125-140% pace every month after being in business for 16 months. So, where do you start from here? Here are some general rules of thumb.

Internet-Based Business: Startup Rules

  1. Pre-packaged programs only work as much as you can customize it and make it unique and your own. Even then, techniques that work for one niche won’t work in all niches.
  2. Be wary of any “system” that promises instant results (especially anything that sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme!)
  3. Knowing the basics of html, SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, website marketing and traditional marketing and sales are a must.
  4. Every business is made stronger by specializing in a tight niche. Know your audience and stick to it.

Unless you have a brilliant tech idea that makes venture capitalists drool (which means you don’t need this list), you need to determine where your strengths are and which business model you plan on following. I have run three home-based businesses in my life, all of which leveraged my current skill set as the foundation for building the business. Look over the following list and single out the ones in which you have at least some experience. You probably won’t have all of the skills necessary, so don’t let that stop you! All you have to do is work hard and be willing to learn.

Internet Business Idea #1: Affiliate Marketing

What is it?
Promote other company’s products and services on your website. When a sale is made, you get a commission.

Most important skills needed
sales copywriting, web marketing, list building, PPC (Pay Per Click marketing),

Best learning resources

  • Introduction: Super Affiliate Handbook (Rosalind Gardner)
  • Deeper Learning: Affiliate Domination (David Perdew) Best Choice!
  • Supplemental Projects: Daily Affiliate Tasks (Susanne Myers)

Recommended Book
Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online by Rosalind Gardner
Huge Profits with Affiliate Marketing by Connie Ragen Green

Free Webinar Replay:
Become an Earning Affiliate Marketer

Internet Home Business Idea #2: Blogging

What is it?
A chronologically based website filled with articles, reviews, or journal-style writing. You can sell advertising or incorporate affiliate marketing on a blog to earn money.

Most important skills needed
Writing, social networking, affiliate marketing, web marketing

Best learning resources
Smart Blogging Skills, Know Your Blog Stats, Learn WP Fast

Recommended Interviews
Blogging for Profit with Nicole Dean

Recommended Books

Expert Briefs: Blogging for Profit: The Stripped-Down Naked Truth from 26 Rockin’ Online Business Owners
ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
Mom Blogging For Dummies

Web-Based Business Idea #3: Information Products

What is it?
Selling your expertise in various forms from bite sized reports to full fledged membership sites, people need what know and are willing to pay for it.

Most important skills needed
Copywriting, area of expertise, web marketing, customer service

Best learning resources
42 Day Launch Incubator, Plan Your Offer Funnel

Idea #4 for Internet Home Based Businesses: E-Commerce

There’s an update coming for this idea soon!

Internet Home Business Idea #5: Sell Your Creative Arts, Crafts & Indie Products

What is it?

Creating and manufacturing your own product lines and selling them online.  A favorite website for marketing your crafts is Etsy.

Most important skills needed
Creativity, sales, e-commerce

Best learning resources
Sparkplugging’s CraftBoom Blog, Craft Your Biz

Recommended Books
Etsy-preneurship: Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Handmade Hobby into a Thriving Business
How to Sell Your Crafts Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Sales on Etsy and Beyond

Home Business Idea for Web Workers #6: Internet Research Business

What is it?
Doing internet research for corporations, law firms and other small businesses.

Most important skills needed
Librarian-style research skills, customer service

Best learning resources
Entrepreneur.com’s Information Consultant Startup Guide

Recommended Book
Building & Running a Successful Research Business: A Guide for the Independent Information Professional by Mary Ellen Bates

Idea #7 for Working From Home on the Web: Freelance Writing

What is it?
Providing your writing skills to others, including ghostwriting.

Most important skills needed
Writing skills, customer service, time management

Best learning resources
Sparkplugging’s Freelancers at Home Blog

Recommended Interviews
Find and Secure Freelance Blogging Work with Tom Ewer

Recommended Books
Freelance Blogging Success: How to Find Clients that Will Pay You 00+ Per Article
Freelance Writing Success: How to Set and Negotiate Rates Confidently
Break into the World of Freelance Writing: How I Went from $0 to ,100 in One Month with No Experience (Becoming a Freelance Writer)

Work At Home Web Business Idea #8: WordPress Consulting & Design

What is it?
WordPress is a Content Management System best known as a ‘Blog’ and the need for WordPress management and design is great.

Most important skills needed
WordPress expertise, graphic design skills, Photoshop, etc.

Best learning resources
Tech Based Training, Website Design Mojo, Graphic Design Mojo

Internet Business Idea #9: Coaching/Consulting

What is it?
Providing your specialized knowledge to those who need it.

Most important skills needed
Trade-specific knowledge, sales, customer service

Best learning resources
Smart Coaching Skills

Recommended Interviews:
From Teacher to Business Coach with Bob Jenkins

Web Business Idea #10: VA (Virtual Assistant)

What is it?
Providing administrative and business support to other business owners and small businesses.

Most important skills needed
Customer service, organization, social media

Best learning resources
Become an Educated VA, Free list of 147 tasks you can do as a VA

Recommended Book
Virtual Assistant – The Series 4th Edition

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Email Marketing Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial about driving sales through email marketing. In this video we provide some tips for getting the most out of email mail marketing.

11 Methods of Online Marketing

Twitter-Logo1Search Engines Aren’t Everything!

Well there are many different ways to market your web site online and drive that traffic to your site. Most people know about search engine optimisation or at least have heard about search engine optimisation and have a general idea of what it is and what it is all about. So what about the other methods of marketing a website. We can’t all just search engine optimise a website and then just wait for the search engines like Google to come by and pick it up. That just takes too long and there are many other sources of traffic that ever site should tap into to become a popular and successful site. So lets have a look in to the other parts of online marketing.

Social Networks

Most people know about social networking and what it offers to the internet, from thousands of teens creating the most terrible looking MySpace pages on the Internet to the Facebook profiles with every application installed under the sun. Besides the negative it is a fantastic way to reach target demographics and specific people with specific interests. You can take advantage of social networking by advertising your business or services on the social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Bebo (there are many more). Facebook offer pay per click advertising on thier social netowork. That is, you pay for every click of traffic that is sent from Facebook to your site. These clicks can be targetted towards certain demographics and age groups to ensure better click through rates and better conversions of your ad on your site. List of social networks

  • Pintrest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Meetup.com
  • YouTube

YouTubeSocial Network Applications

This is a form of viral marketing that has appeared on the social networks over the last few years. As more and more people try and customise their profiles and pages to make their sites cool than others, more and more of these applications have appeared on the internet. Some of the most popular and most famous Facebook applications include, the now extinct, Scabulous. Applications like thise drew in a huge user base that returned continually to the application page and are exposed to advertising or additional services. It isn’t hard producing a Facebook or any other social network application. The hard bit is coming up with a really good application that people will want to use and spread to all of their friends. Either way, once you start a good social networking application, you’re looking at generating a nice amount of traffic or even cash.

Social News

So from social networking we look at social news sites. These sites are community based sites that rate and market news articles that submitted to the network. Sites such as Digg can cause websites to fall on its knees with the amount of traffic that they can generate. Writing a good news article to So use these with caution.

  • Slashdot
  • Fark
  • Digg
  • reddit
  • Wikio

SMS on Steriods

These micro blogs aren’t hugely popular everywhere in the world but where they still generate huge amounts of traffic. They’re somewhere between a blog and a SMS. They allow all people or subscribers that are following a users profile to get status updates from profiles notify them when something is happening. It may not seem very powerful but when you integrate this technology with mobile phones or the mobile internet it is basically SMS on a mass scale. You can update your online profile from your mobile phone, smart phone or iPhone and instantly notify everyone that is following your profile. A simple way to take advantage of this type of technology is to post updates about your products and services to these micro blogs allowing everyone to access the new updates and information.

  • Twitter
  • Pownce

Online Favourites and Bookmarking

pintrestThese book marking services are just the same as the favourites folder in your browser. The difference to these online services is that when your computer crashes and you have to reinstall everything, you don’t loose your favourite bookmarks because they are all store online. Further more, these online links can be categories and tagged making them search able. Other users can search these tagged bookmarks. As a website owner your could promote your sites and articles in these online bookmarking sites and allow everyone to find them via the network.

  • Ma.gnolia
  • Delicious
  • Pintrest

RSS Feeds

Real Simple Syndication, the name is simple enough but the things you can do with the technology can become very technical. The simple use of RSS feeds is to push news articles and site updates out to all of the site’s subscribers. The traditional method of notifying your users about site updates is to do it with an email marketing campaign where emails will be sent out to users to let them know of site updates. Sending out emails constantly to a huge user base chews up bandwidth and adds to the worlds spam. RSS on the other hand delivers news directly to the users desktop or news reader where the user and check for updates as they happen. Live and instant updating is now made possible. This technology can be taken even further for republishing on other sites, and even publishing on micro blogs like Twitter. Being able to have your content published all over the internet is a very powerful thing. Example feed, -http://feeds.feedburner.com/pbwebdevblog

  • Feedburner


With the introduction of Blogs came a massive wave of publishers being able to get their content online. Not only has blogs given people the ability to have their content published online quickly and easily but it has also created a massive wealth of information for people to read and learn about various topics and opinions people have on these topics. Having a blog to promote your main site or content is a fantastic way to build traffic.

  • Blogger
  • Blogsome
  • LiveJournal
  • Typepad
  • WordPress
  • Xanga

Email Marketing

This is one of the traditional ways of online marketing. Building a double opted in email list will ensure that the people that you are sending emails to actually want your email.

  • Campaign Monitor

SMS Marketing

This is a very direct way of marketing to your clients or customers. I can also become very expensive. If you have a last minute message to get out to everyone on your SMS list then this is the fastest and most direct way to get to all of them.

  • Impact Data

Search Engines

Search engines are a key traffic source for the majority of websites. Everyone knows Google. When you want to find things online you are often finding yourself saying, ‘just Google it’ for your answers. Now, search engine optimisation will only allow search engines crawl your site better. Good optimisation will make things more accessible for the blind search engines, but how do search engines know that your site exists and how do you get ALL of those search engines to crawl your site. Well there are several different ways to get your site in to those search engines. Some of the methods of search engine optimisation will help your site get crawled quicker by search engines but why nit just submit your site to the search engines and force them to crawl it. Most of the top search engines out there will give you certain tools that you can take advantage of and get help promote your site to get it online. A simple XML site map is all you need to get started to submit your site online.

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Live Search Webmaster Tools
  • Yahoo Site Explorer

Pay Per Click Advertising

Everyone knows that if you want to find something on the internet that you’ll turn to a search engine to give you the answers. Most of the sites that are returned for a search result are there because the search engines deem them to be worthy of having that placement. It can take ages to get a site well placed in the search engines with lots of search engine optimisation. The easier way to get a high placement. Sure it will cost you more money but if you want the traffic and good well targeted traffic then this is the way to do it. Pay Per Click Advertising! Most of the fancy search engines offer some sort of pay per click advertising. There is a lot of history behind pay per click advertising but it is all the same where ever you look these days with Goolge, Yahoo and MSN Search being the big players in online advertising.

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo Search Engine Marketing
  • MSN Search

Press Releases

Online press releases are just the new way of releasing news all over the internet. Doing a press release can cause such a buzz and your news article can be picked up and placed on sites such as Yahoo News, Google News, Forbes and other major news sites around the world. Not only can these online press releases be picked up by online publications but some of these are also pushed out to print publications.

  • PRWeb


So there are more methods of online marketing but these are the main methods that we use. Please feel free to add more methods to the post. This article will be updated with more methods of marketing. If you want more information about any of these methods of marketing or want to implement some of them to your website then just shoot us an email and we’ll organise something for you.


Internet Marketing Strategies Webinar [Leaked]

Regardless of whether you own an online business or an offline business, internet marketing has now become one of the most effective ways to market your business. If you want more traffic and sales, then you have to market on the internet. Internet marketing strategies work, many of them are free to do, and they will drive traffic to your business.

Although there are many ways to market on the internet, some ways are more effective than others. Over the years, I have narrowed it down to these 10 internet marketing techniques, and they have continued to work for me:

1. Article Marketing
2. Search Engine Optimization
3. Free Classifieds
4. Joint Ventures
5. Blogging
6. Video Marketing
7. Social Media Marketing
8. Affiliate Program Management
9. Free Ebooks, Reports, And Document Sites
10. Forums

If you are using any other internet marketing strategies to market your business, especially if they’re free, then you’re probably wasting your time. The best part of most of these strategies is that you do the work once, and it creates little marketing machines that are working 24/7 to market your business because they are content.

The secret to building an effective internet marketing plan though is to choose one of these techniques and then master it. As you get better at that technique, then add another one. The reason is that as you add various internet marketing techniques to your marketing arsenal, then you will find yourself marketing in new places.

Regardless of which of these techniques you choose, these types of sites are directories for a specific type of content. This allows you to expand your reach. There are article directories, document directories, ebook directories, RSS and blog directories, video sites, etc. Each houses a different type of content, and the places you are offering your content, and the more different formats you are using to offer that content, the more likely you are to connect with your audience.

Another key to building your marketing plan is to make sure you are marketing on popular sites. I have included 12 in this webinar. These sites are ranked in the top 50 most visited websites worldwide, and they are key to helping you get the maximum amount of traffic for your business.

Here are 12 sites that get the most traffic:

Windows Live

These sites include everything from search engine marketing to free classifieds, social and video marketing. Although not all of the techniques outlined on the top 10 internet marketing techniques can be done on these sites, they are still effective in helping you build an additional presence on the internet.

Although many things in marketing have changed, they’ve also stayed the same. Good content is an intregal part of any internet marketing strategy and these internet marketing techniques help you to create an internet marketing strategy that allows you to recycle your content into various forms by starting with an article, converting it to a PDF report, video, audio podcast, slide shows and other forms. Then you submit your content to the appropriate directories for indexing. By performing search engine optimization on your content, as well as your titles, descriptions and tags, you actually complete two internet marketing tasks instead of one.

Whether you are an online business or an offline business, you market affiliate programs, your own products or services, or MLM, these internet marketing strategies will help you build the traffic to your site that will increase your sales. Eventually you will have an army of passive sales machines throughout the internet driving traffic to your business 24/7.


Five Proven Internet Marketing Techniques

ID-10098646Make sure your come-ons and your message are attractive, really communicate, and respond to customers’ needs

It’s way too easy to slide into the sand trap of Internet marketing and get stuck there with little or no results. I don’t profess to be an online marketing guru, but I am learning from some of the more clever folks out there and putting their suggestions to use in my company’s marketing endeavors. It’s a trial-and-error process, but here are five strategies that have provided consistent results for me.

1. Offer an irresistible free gift. This is one of the best ways to build your potential customer list. You’ll educate people about your value, provide them with helpful information, and begin to build a relationship. I prefer digital freebies such as PDFs, audio clips, and newsletters for an obvious reason: easy, timely fulfillment. However, sometimes I like to offer a physical gift, too, to mix it up. This also gives me a reason to collect the visitor’s mailing address.

To receive digital gifts, your Web site visitor should be required to join your e-mail list. Be sure to make the process as easy as possible, and provide something of value. I once went to a site of a time management guru. He had all sorts of cool-looking free resources. So I clicked through, only to be asked to fill in a super-long form prior to receiving my goodies. I dutifully filled in the form but when I downloaded my “gift” it was one measly page of bulleted items. Yuck! Not high value. Needless to say, he damaged his brand and my opinion of him by requiring me to jump through hoops for a minuscule reward.

2. Craft e-mail messages that spark emotions and action. Emotion moves people to action—and action is exactly what you want. When you read good copy, it stirs you up. Reread your own Web copy and ask: Have I clearly articulated ideas that will spark desire, passion, and craving for the outcome I promised? You have to make your potential customers feel it. Keep in mind that you have two places to convince potential customers in an e-mail: subject line and body copy. Take the time to persuade readers to click through to your company’s sales page.

3. Create an online sales page that moves people to action. First you need to know your target market and speak to their pain, as I suggested above. Make sure your sales page includes the following 10 components:

a. Introduction. Explain why you created this product.

b. Problem. State what problem your product solves.

c. Agitate the problem. What is the pain of not solving this problem? Why would the prospect want a solution right now? Why can’t they wait? Remember your biggest obstacle to closing a sales is inertia.

d. Solution. Provide a basic introduction to the product and provide a glimpse of the glorious future it will help the potential customer achieve.

e. Reasons you created this product. Spell out what you suffered from. Make the prospect feel it, and then he or she’ll understand why you just had to create this product.

f. Bullet points. This is simply a list of product details. Make them compelling, of course, and after every 7 to 10 bullet points offer the prospect the opportunity to buy the product immediately.

g. Features and benefits. Be sure to include an in-depth explanation of the benefits provided by the features of your product. There should be no fewer than nine features and benefits.

h. Bonus items. Give the prospect a reason to buy today instead of waiting. Make sure the bonus complements your product. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it will help your sales.

i. Guarantee. Guarantees tell your prospective customer that you are confident enough in your product to stand behind it. Studies have shown that the longer the guarantee, the less likely a person will ask for a refund. Be realistic. Be fair.

j. Order area. Make the prospect feel comfortable placing an order on your Web site. Some Internet marketers insist on avoiding the words “no risk”. The word “risk” makes people uncomfortable whether there is a “no” in front of it or not. I have mixed feelings on this.

4. Use auto-responders to build relationships and extend offers. Auto-responders are pre-written e-mails triggered by a specific event, such as an order being placed. They are a way to build relationships with your customers, follow up on orders, and encourage them to use the product they bought from you.

Consistency and tone are key to the success of any auto-responder message. If you set up a auto-responder, make sure the messages go out in a reasonable time frame.

5. Build your potential customer list with joint ventures, affiliates, and social media. Joint ventures are partners where the exchange is equal (or close to it). The way such a relationship typically works in terms of a mailing list is that you present the other party’s offers to your list, and the joint venture partner will extend your offer to their list. You can pay them a revenue share on sales generated from their list or decide not to.

Affiliates are more of an extended sales force. Some solo entrepreneurs make a decent living simply building lists and promoting third-party products to them. The goal with either approach of joint ventures or affiliates is to get your product in front of an audience you haven’t had contact with before. Standard revenue shares for affiliates range, but I often see 30% for products, 20% for training, and 10% for consulting services.

The two social media platforms that have helped me build my list are Facebook and LinkedIn.

Those are the most effective Internet marketing strategies I’ve tried so far, but I’ll certainly share whatever I learn next.

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