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Is there really money to be made online by promoting other people’s products? Wait, let me ask that another way. Is there really an absolute FORTUNE to be made online by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate marketer? You’d better believe there is! More and more folks are striking it rich online every day, and many of them don’t even have a product of their own! Wanna talk about it? I thought you might.

First off, let me just clear something up here. While there are super affiliates out there who are enjoying annual incomes in the millions, most of them are not. But if a healthy, residual six-figure income just for connecting online shoppers to the products they desire sounds like an extremely sweet deal to you, then I think the information I’m about to share with you is going to be very exciting for you. And if you actually USE the information, it just might work!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Quite simply, affiliate marketing is the process of finding valuable products, forming partnerships with the vendors of these products, and then spreading the word about these products in exchange for commissions whenever the products sell. It’s pretty straightforward, which is why so many people either dabble in it, or even treat it as their full-time job.

What Is a Super Affiliate?

Extremely skilled and motivated affiliates may one day earn themselves the title of “super affiliate,” which is essentially a consistently high producer. This special breed of people generally outperforms “regular” affiliate marketers by leaps and bounds. Many of these folks won’t even flinch when 20 or 30 thousand dollars hits their bank account each month. They are walking, talking, living, breathing, self-made internet success stories.

How Can I Become a Super Affiliate?

Obviously, you need to learn to crawl, walk, run, and operate heavy machinery before you can go mining for gold. And it all starts with crawling. If you’ve never made a dime online, then you need to adopt and employ strategies that will enable you to put food on the table, so to speak.

But there is a secret…

Actually, it’s not a secret at all, yet it is the most powerful (and simultaneously under-used) tool an affiliate marketer can have. It’s what separates would-be super affiliates from the six and even seven-figure earners. Without it, you can jump through all of Google’s hoops, buying IM training course after IM training course, earning a few bucks here and there (if you’re lucky), and constantly trying to convince yourself and everyone around you that it’s all going to pay off soon.

But with it, you can move mountains. You can virtually print money on demand. You can achieve super affiliate status, and fast.

So what the heck am I talking about?

Come on, silly. You know…

A freakin’ email list!

You absolutely MUST build a list of subscribers if you are ever to reach the pinnacle of affiliate marketing success. There are guys (and gals) out there right now who have email lists of tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of subscribers, who can simply promote a hot product launch to their list and cash a $40,000 check a couple weeks later!

Learn the art of cultivating subscribers. Learn how to build a squeeze page. Learn about banner ads and pay per click advertising. These are the methods that the top dogs use to build HUGE email lists in almost no time at all. These guys seldom wait around for Google to rank their websites. They don’t fuss with SEO. All they do is build their lists and make money.

This is the way of most super affiliates. And there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from joining them!

Ever wondered how those super successful Internet Marketers make all that money?

It’s really simple.. they know how to generate traffic cheaply and send it to high converting sales pages!!

How To Be Successful Wealthy Affiliate And #HowToMakeMoney Online Part 5

Hello, friends,

In this video you are going to learn 3 of 21 Top Things someone should know in order to be successful in Affiliate Marketing Part 5 …

Some Tips About Being a ClickBank Affiliate

sports-betting-experts-clickbank-promote-systemsThere are hundreds of ways to earn money and a lot of them are found on the internet. One of the highest paying careers you can find online is that of an affiliate marketer. There are hundreds of affiliate networks online but one of the most popular is ClickBank.

They have over 10,000 merchants and affiliates working from the site. “ClickBank made me earn more than I can ever imagine. I never thought this could happen,” – Marjorie.

Personal comments such as this can be found on the site almost every day and it makes the majority of us wonder how this is possible. I am a merchant at ClickBank and I have learned how the system works. Let me explain it to you. The site acts as a medium for merchants, affiliates and buyers. All you have to do is to sign up for an account, upload your product and then let others promote your product for you.In the case of an affiliate, you also have to sign up for an account. The only difference is that you do not have to upload a product like the merchant. All you have to do is to choose someone else’s product and promote it.

So you might ask, how can we choose a good product to promote? Here are some tips to remember:

1.) The Marketplace. Go to the store’s marketplace, there is a wide variety of products that are listed by category of feature and popularity. Scan through all the products and read some of their reviews, read the sales page for the product and see if you like it.

2.) Make a Choice. After scanning through all the digital products, you now have to decide on what to choose. It is important to choose whatever it is that is in line with your interest and field. The logic is like this, when you sell something you know about or have some interest in then selling it will be easier.

3.) Promote your Product. In promotion and marketing, there are many different strategies that you can use. Being a beginner, you can experiment on what strategy will suit you best. Just always remember, traffic is very important.

4.) Track Your Sales and Reviews. Track your product. There will be buyers who post comments about it. So search for these comments and learn from them. Track also how your sales are going. This is the reason why you are required to give your account name and tracking number before you can start promoting a product, each product has a code that is unique to only you.

Do not worry if you are not making many sales at first,especially if it is your first time. Affiliate marketing can also be a long process. You will learn more about what works for you along the way. You may find you have to experiment with different strategies along the way.

As you start to use the system, you will see that there are more opportunities with ClickBank than you can ever imagine. It will only take a few days or perhaps weeks for you to master the process but you will find it will be well worth the effort. As time goes by, you will see and may also be surprised that your profit will grow and you will actually start to enjoy ClickBank affiliate marketing.

How To Be Successful Wealthy Affiliate And #HowToMakeMoney Online Part 4

In this video you are going to learn 3 of 21 Top Things someone should know in order to be successful in Affiliate Marketing Part 4…

ClickBank – Where Millionaires Belong


ClickBank – the millionaires’ hub. This may sound illusory but it’s real. The site has dominated newscast and magazines this year because of how high profits are earned by many of its users. What is ClickBank and how can one profit from it? Generally, this is one of the largest online affiliate stores with over 10,000 products available in its marketplace.

Widely, the latter is composed of e-books, videos and audios. These products are being sold by both merchants and affiliates. Merchants are those who upload their own products at the marketplace while affiliates are those who sell someone else’s products.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most in demand jobs today because it is simple and easy. Profit also comes fast in this pursuit. Amongst all affiliate marketing sites, ClickBank is dubbed as the site with the highest members of affiliate marketers.

What makes ClickBank so in-demand?

1.) The site is hassle-free – It is very simple to use. “Unlike other affiliate marketing sites, the process of joining ClickBank is very simple. Even a newbie can sign up for an account.” – Jerry

2.) High Profit Rates – The site offers high rates of profit ranging from 10-75%.

3.) Several Thousand Products to Choose from – Thousands of digital products are available for sales. They have over 10,000 digital products you can choose from.

4.) Organization – choosing a product will be fast because they are categorized by feature and popularity

These are only few reasons why the site is used by so many merchants and affiliates. The second reason mentioned above may be one of the biggest reasons why thousands of individuals want to enter the ClickBank affiliate marketing career. But how do you reach maximum sales?

The trick to getting those riches:

1.) The landing page – the page will pre-sell the product you have chosen. The landing page will contain the major features of your product. List at least three features that will help convince your buyers to purchase your product. For example, if you are promoting a hair curling product then you must be able to identify its best attributes. You may put in how fast the product will curl hair; how it will not destroy the hair while curling; and the length of time the hair will stay curled.

In your landing page, do not forget to create an opt-in-box, this will capture your lead and then redirect your potential customer to your promotion sales page.

2.) Submission of Articles – Write good read articles and submit them to as many article directories you can. You can write one to two articles a day, which will make 30-60 articles a month. In the author resource area, include a link to your landing page.

3.) Auto-responder display – post your articles on your autoresponder. This is where fun starts. Keep on doing the same process over and over again, you’ll see that your sales will be consistently high.

This is the way to target consistent high sales at ClickBank. There is nothing more to do but to simply follow these steps over again daily. This is one simple tactic to expedite your profit. Put some time and effort to your marketing and surely you’ll reach your goal in no time.

ClickBank is the way to go. Try these few simple tactics now and be the next biggest ClickBank profit earner.

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Hello friends, I told you that I have interviewed Top Affiliate Marketing Experts who provided really up to date best information how to crash it in affiliate marketing and I asked them this specific question – What you need to do to be successful? – and you know there is no a single road to susses and although many of their replies were repeated- there were also some unique and I have got them together into 21 unique answers.

So together with my experience I decided to roll them all in series of videos and share them all for you. Listen….! If these 17 ladies and gentlemen reached their success using these strategies, mastering these skills, I am going to tell you about , than you also can be successful if you will learn apply and master these skills.

So In this video you are going to learn 3 of 21 Top Things someone should know in order to be successful in Affiliate Marketing Part 3

Affiliate Marketing is One of The Best Ways to Make Money Online

So, what is the best home business to start? Depending on whom you ask, the answers will vary. But anyone who actually makes a living online will tell you that affiliate marketing is the way to go. People simply love the idea of affiliate marketing. In fact, many are taking it up full-time. You can make thousands a year advertising other peoples products online–you are paid every time you help generate a sale. But it is not that simple–you have to know exactly what to do if you are to make money.

So lets quickly run over the some of basics of affiliate marketing…

With affiliate marketing, you are promoting someone else’s product, website, or service. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link on your website (or through your ads) and makes a purchase from the merchant you are promoting, you get a commission. The commission amount you are paid is based on the commission % and the price of the product. In the end, both the merchant and affiliate win as they help grow each other’s businesses.

From a merchants perspective…

Companies like the idea of using affiliates to grow their business, so they usually offer generous commission to lure potential affiliates in (up to 75%). Companies can then have thousands of affiliates promoting their products and only have to pay the affiliate if a sale is made.

From an affiliates perspective…

You can work with as many companies as you’d like when you’re an affiliate. All you have to do after you get your affiliate link is get as much traffic as possible to the merchant website.

Many companies can’t do without affiliates-who usually do the boatload of advertising.

The lifestyle you lead…

Affiliate marketing allows you to work at your own pace and be your own boss. You choose the hours you want to work. The amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing is virtually limitless.

With that being said, you can clearly see why affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

Now lets run over some important rules…

Rule #1: Know the products you are promoting

To me, familiarizing yourself with the product you are promoting is the key to affiliates writing a comprehensive review. When you actually own the product that you recommend, your visitors will be in awe of your in depth analysis (lets face it, you can’t fake a good review).

Your review should point out the good, as well as the bad, of a product/service; you must be unbiased at all cost. If you neglect writing a good review, then your customers won’t believe you, and they will quickly exit your site in favor of a more reliable source. This is a rule that many affiliate marketers look past, but I guarantee if they would follow this first rule they would have sales going through the roof.

When I first started using this technique a couple of years ago I simply couldn’t believe how much it helped my sales conversions.

So don’t be lazy; know your product and then write the best review possible.

Rule #2: If you bought it, you should use it.

It shocks me when people purchase a book or guide but don’t actually use it. You have got to put your plan in motion and use the products you purchase to your advantage. That means you must read and reread every chapter and implement every technique you learn. That is exactly what I do and I make a living online because of it.

The bottom line is that most people don’t want to read and follow simple instructions; they want an easier way out. What you want to do is read and implement. If you do that, you will have great success with affiliate marketing.

While I know many people hate the idea of buying anything, it truly is an advantage when you know something that your competition doesn’t. So rule# 2 is to pick up a quality affiliate marketing guide, read it, and put it in motion by applying all of the techniques that you learn. If you are serious about making money online, you have to learn as much as possible.

Rule #3: Choosing the right products

If you want any kind of success with affiliate marketing you are going to have to choose the right products. That means you must join a good affiliate program–the last thing you need is to be in business with a bad merchant who doesn’t pay as promised and/or has a dismal affiliate program altogether.

Most affiliate programs are free to join. You must spend time finding high quality affiliate programs if you are to make money. But if you want to save time and choose from quality merchants all in one place, you can just check out some affiliate networks. All you have to do is sign up once and you’re introduced to thousands of products from many different companies.

The main advantage of an affiliate network is that, unlike individual affiliate programs, they will pay you from their network as opposed to individual companies sending you separate paychecks. For example, if I join the affiliate programs of Citibank, Circuit City, and Best Buy, I would receive 3 separate commission paychecks. But if I were to sign up to these programs directly through a network I would receive one big fat paycheck instead of three separate checks.

The other advantage of the networks is that affiliate programs are ranked so you know which ones are doing good and which ones you should stay away from.

Bonus Tip # 1: Don’t always go after the products with highest commission payouts, they tend to convert less–even though there are exceptions such as gambling and computer products that convert very well in spite of higher prices. For now, you should stick with lower priced ($50 or less) products until you are more experienced with affiliate marketing; they convert at incredible clips.

When you apply this rule, you will have more customers that are willing to pay at your doorstep.

Rule #4: Getting Traffic

It’s not just the products; it is your marketing ability that will make you money. The marketing methods that you use will ultimately earn you the money, not the products alone. And one technique that you are going to have to master is getting as much traffic as possible. Lets face it, no matter how great your product is, you still need traffic.

I will briefly cover the best ways to get traffic.

Lets start with…

Good ol’ SEO…

First, you should apply some white hat Search Engine Optimization: Link exchanges, writing high quality content, submitting your website to the major and second tier directories, writing articles, writing press releases etc.

Use viral marketing to grow your business…

Take advantage of viral marketing. Give away free reports, free ebooks, and free downloads. You should make it possible that your subscribers can give it away to there visitors and audience as well. This will quickly spread the name of your business and generate unprecedented traffic.

Pay-per-click advertising…

Last, but certainly not least, is pay-per-click advertising. The best PPC service is Google Adwords. Running a successful campaign can get a bit tricky, but if you get it right, you receive highly targeted traffic instantly.

If you use these three techniques, you give yourself a much better chance of getting a high volume of quality traffic.

Rule #5: You are going to need a website

In the last lesson I covered different ways you can get traffic. Now we are going to talk about the importance of a website. Yes, you can send traffic directly to you merchants by Direct Linking and see some success without a website, but to really take advantage of affiliate marketing you must a have good website. With a solid website, you can “wow” your visitors with great content, take advantage of email marketing, write reviews for different products, provide reliable information, sell ads (such as Google Adsense), and so much more.

Rule #6: Using pop ups to your advantage…

When someone visits your website, you only have about 5-10 seconds to grab the visitors attention. What happens if you do all that work to get traffic and the visitor leaves and never returns? You have wasted time and money advertising and implementing SEO techniques. A good way you can turn that traffic into loyal visitors is to have popups that advertise your newsletter or any other particular offers you may have. What happens is a customer likes your websites presentation and sees a pop-up window and decides to give you their email address for future references.

I highly recommend you take advantage of using popovers; they are great attention grabbers and it is a must for any affiliate marketer looking to grow his or her opt-in list. Remember your opt-in list is where some of your most loyal customers will come from.

Last Thoughts…

Affiliate marketing is a dream come true for anyone looking to earn money from home. It has changed my life and I am now doing things that I never thought possible. If you work hard, it will happen for you as well.

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Affiliate Marketing Without A Website: Can It Be Done?

You want to start an online business, but don’t have what it takes to start with your own products. You have the option of starting with affiliate marketing, selling other peoples’ products for a commission.

Affiliate marketing provides online entrepreneurs the chance to market products even without having your own product to sell. All you have to do is to sign up with a vendor who has an affiliate marketing program, and choose the products you want to promote. As an affiliate, you are paid by the merchant for your services on a commission basis, whenever you’ve directed a visitor to the merchant’s site and the visitor actually buys something.

Becoming an affiliate is usually quick and easy, and for most affiliate programs, signing up is free. In fact, if it’s not free, then just don’t join. There are more than enough no cost choices you can make.

But despite all the benefits of affiliate programs, many people are still hesitant about getting into affiliate marketing. One of the reasons is the lack of a website to start marketing their affiliate products with. This begs the question of whether a website is really necessary.

Actually, you can start promoting affiliate products without a website. There are stategies that permit you to do this. But don’t make any mistake about the fact that it’s a great advantage to have a web site. You can consider starting without one, but plan to eventually create a web site.

There’s only one strategy that you can do without ever needing a web site. Your income may be limited, but if it suits you, then go for it. The answer is in PPC, Pay-per-Click advertising. I know people making almost as much money using Google AdWords PPC ads, as my web site makes.

Other strategies you can use without a web site, include email marketing, offline promotions, writing e-books, and engaging in online discussion forums.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, usinging email lists, is actually the second most popular marketing strategy that works without a website. What you basically do is maintain a list of your prospective customers and email them information articles that are relevant to the affiliate products you’re promoting.

Just how could you achieve this with no web site?

With an autoresponder! But an autoresponder service costs from $20 to $30 per month. This is actually more than the cost of hosting a web site, many of which include a limited autoresponder at no extra cost.

Offline Promotion

Among the common ways to promote your affiliate products offline are classified ads, brochures and flyers. Classified ads would generally work best compared to the other two, because classified newspaper ads have a wider reach.

But as you can imagine, these offline methods are all expensive compared to the modest cost of owning your own web site.

Distributing Free e-books or Reports

Write an e-book or have one written for you by a ghostwriter. This is a good way for you to promote your affiliate products, as long as your affiliate links are in the ebook for the selected topic. You could distribute the ebook via your autoresponder service. The viral effect of a well written and useful ebook, is quite astonishing.

Just be sure to make the content of your e-books relative to the actual affiliate products you are promoting. And just as in email marketing, you can just place text ad links throughout your e-book.

Publish a Free Ezine

Ezines are online newsletters that inform your subscribers about the specific topics. If you don’t have a website and yet want to be an affiliate, you can use your ezine to promote your affiliate products.

If you have a website, your ezine article would be archived, and becomes content for your site. Another advantage to having a website.

Online Discussion Forums

With or without a website, you just can’t ignore discussion forums because they are great venues for marketing your affiliate products. Most forums won’t allow sales promotions, but you will find some that do.

With all these strategies, it may appear that you really don’t need a website to start marketing your affiliate products. Well, starting in an affiliate program without a website may be do-able, but being successful is another thing. While you can achieve some success without a website, it is rare. Greater success requires a web site, if not now, then maybe in the near future.

Again, having a website is not mandatory, but with the advantages presented, I’m glad I do have one, because it really makes affiliate marketing a lot easier for me. You should too!

Good luck with your affiliate venture.

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