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Traffic Generation Fast Start With Vick Strizheus

If you want to be successful long term, you need to “Dig Your Own Well” as Vick puts it.

In this video Vick talks about different ideas for generation traffic to your website that are easy to implement, very low cost and some are even free!


How To Generate Traffic To Your Website Via Article Marketing in Less Than 30 Minutes

Wondering how to generate traffic to your website? Now, article marketing is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Besides being able to generate traffic to your website for free, writing article can portray you as an expert in the market. The inbound links that you put in the article to direct the readers to your website will help your website’s ranking in search engines.

So, how to generate traffic to your website by writing articles?

For those of you who are not familiar with article marketing, these are the 5 easy steps to get you started.

Step 1 Decide a topic for your article based on the niche market that you are promoting

Step 2 Research materials for your articles on the internet. You will be surprise how much free information and material you can find on the internet which can serve as a very good source for your articles. Normally, i take not more than 10 minutes to get sufficient material for my article.

Step 3 Start writing the article. With sufficient research, it normally doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes to come out with the first draft of my article. The tips is write first, edit later. Do not think too long or too hard to start writing. Just do it! Else, how to generate traffic to your website if you do not start writing, but spend time thinking what and how to write. Anyhow, if you are not good or have no time to write, you can always pay someone to write the articles for you.

Step 4 Add a short biography at the end of your article (normally known as “resource box”). Remember to include a link in the biography/resource box to direct the readers back to your website, and promoting yourself products and services offered by your website. This is a must-have to generate traffic to your website.

Step 5 Submit your article on directories, newsletters etc. The main objective is to get free exposure and thus free traffic to websites via the article.

The above shows you how to generate traffic to your website by article marketing in less than 30 minutes via 5 simple steps. If you have not written any article before, apply the above simple steps and “vroom”, there you go! Your first article is ready and will start getting traffic for your website!

If you are looking at how to generate traffic to your website for free via fast and the easy way, click on http://www.trafficonlineexpert.com to find out how a free revolutionary tool can help you to achieve that.

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48 Hour Lead And Traffic Generation Strategies – Vick’s Machine

Top Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Discover 6 ways to increase traffic to your website – 3 expert tips and 3 of Adam Ginsberg’s website traffic recommendations.

How To Do Traffic Generation With Pinterest

Have you heard about Pinterest yet?

Pinterest is a place where you can pin your interests. You can create boards and pin images to them to share them with your followers. That is the simple way to put it.

The two main things on Pinterest are boards and pins. Imagine it as having a cork board where you can pin images of your birthday party :) Here’s how one of my Pinterest account looks like:

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How to use Pinterest To Generate Free Traffic For Yourself?

Here’s how to kill 2 birds with 1 stone when it comes to Pinterest and making money, and how I automate a lot of it.

I’m just going to jump right into it, and if you have heard of this site before but haven’t tried it out you’re missing out and don’t let that put you off from reading the rest of what I have to say.

At the end of the day, Pinterest is still a social site. People pin stuff they like while surfing the web and they can also repin pins someone already put up over there. I put it off a long time ago just because I didn’t think it was a viable option for internet marketing. People are on the site for social reasons… they do not have the intention to buy. How wrong was I! I tried it recently and got so much traffic it was crazy. Also, after only a couple of days of use, my first Pinterest account is exploding with followers.

So here’s what I do, plain and simple.

  1. Create a Pinterest account.
  2. Then, create your board and upload a pin (i.e. a picture). Name your board according to the niche you are in to make it relevant and easy for people to find.
  3. Find images related to your niche via Google images or other means, and download them. I prefer using royalty-free images (you can google for them).
  4. Start pinning your images onto Pinterest board. You can either put your link in the comment, or after pinning several images go to Pinterest and edit the link in the image. This way, people can be linked from Pinterest to your site when they click on your link or your image.
  5. Let the traffic and money roll in.

That’s it. It’s so simple and so effective. Just give it a try for 1 week and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, and be sure to make your links bit’ly or something else that keeps statistics of the clicks so you can see what I’m talking about.

Here’s what I do to get more followers and traffic.

Explode Your Followers With Pinterest

Find someone that looks real that has a pretty even amount of followers and the people they are following. Then follow who they are following. The limit is about 200/day

Like 20-50 pins/day

Repin 20-40 pins/day

Comment on pins (with call-to-action for people to visit your boards) 30-50 pins/day

Now, do you see how simple this is? But do you also see how much time you would need to do this everyday if you want to get results? Say you pin 20 new images every day.

– Time to find 20 images: 20 images x 1 min = 20min

– Time to find people to follow on Pinterest: 0.5min X 100 = 50min

– Time to find people to like: 0.5min x 50 = 25min

– Time to find pins to repin: 1min x 40 = 40min

– Time to find pins to comment: 1min x 30 = 30min

– Total time required everyday: 2hrs 45min!!!

That is roughly the amount of time you have after coming home from work. What about time for dinner? Time for shower? Family? Social life? Personal stuff? You know what I mean. Hello~~ You are doing internet marketing so that you can have more free time, not to take up more of your time!

Get Your Life Back By Automating Pinterest!

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This cool piece of software was developed to help me automate all the process of finding pictures online, pinning and repinning pictures and finding people to like and follow. And now, I use this to help me free up my time while I do more value (i mean money)-adding tasks like product creation and webinar creation.

As you can see, the first tab “Find Cash Pins” will help you to find pictures on flickr using specified keywords and pin them on your board complete with the url link and description. You can even determine how many pictures you want to pin.

The second tab “Pin Drop” allows you to find relevant pins (using specified keywords) to comment. When people see you comment on their pins, they would also be more likely to visit your boards or repin your pins too!

The third tab “Liker” helps you to find pins on Pinterest to like. Also, people whose pins you liked are more likely to follow you back or to like or repin your pins.

The fourth tab “Re-pin King” helps you to re-pin other people’s pictures onto your own board. When your board grows, so will the number of followers :)

The last tab “Traffic Avalanche” is designed to help you find people with similar interests to follow.

As you can see, all these functions are developed with one aim in mind — to increase your exposure on the net by increasing your number of pins (and the url embedded within) as well as your number of followers. As your web grow, the more traffic you will get. 

Wouldn’t you like to have a software like this to help you? Now, this doesn’t come cheap at all… It costed US$15,000 to develop this software, many a Friday and Saturday nights spent testing the software and discussing with the developer how to improve it. Normally, I will let go of this software for US$997. However, you can get this software for absolutely FREE if you sign up here right now for Matt Lloyd’s “My Online Business Empire”Then send me your receipt and I will send you your Pinterest automation software for FREE! 

Happy Pinning and Watching Your Money Grow


High Traffic Academy Video # 4

High Traffic Academy Video # 3

High Traffic Academy Video # 1

My dear reades,

I found the video #2 from High Traffic Academy very valuable and useful therefore I publish this video #1 and will publish Video#3 and video#4 to have the full set

Enjoy to watch, learn and apply,

To your success,

Konstantin Petritsyn

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog and Keep It There

It happens to the best of us — eventually.

At some point, each and every blogger faces the same issue. It’s the bane of our existence and the great quandary causing us to scratch our heads.

How to get more traffic for your blogPhoto credit: epSos.de (Creative Commons)

The blog traffic jam. That sudden halt of visitors to your site that has you wondering, “What did I do wrong?”

It may happen at the beginning, middle, or end of a blog, but it’s inevitable. At some point, we all go through this.

If you’re just getting started or have been blogging for a while, you’ve faced this nemesis. And you’ve asked yourself,

How do I get out of this? How do I get more traffic to my site?

To help answer that question, I came up with a simple list. But before that, let’s talk about motives…

Check your motives at the door

So, you have a blog, but want more traffic? First, check your motives:

  • Is it help people, be a resource, and make a difference?
  • Or to make you famous?

If the latter, quit blogging right now. If you’re blogging for self-serving reasons, then that may be the main inhibitor to your blog’s growth. Because here’s the truth:

People want you to talk about them, not you.

It’s okay to write about personal experiences and share what you’ve learned from a first-hand perspective, but be careful of making yourself into some kind of blog rock star.

Instead, aim to be a resource and to help to others. The irony is that if you do that, you’ll end up becoming a star.

23 tips for getting more traffic to your site

Here are some ideas for how to get more traffic to your blog (click the links for more helpful resources).

  1. Leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.
  2. Write shorter posts.
  3. Blog consistently.
  4. Write less.
  5. Be a resource.
  6. Use trackbacks.
  7. Organize your posts with lists and subheads.
  8. Get on Twitter. Tweet links to your posts and other useful content.
  9. Link out to other sites (but only ones that will help people).
  10. Share your content on Facebook (and ask your friends to share it, too).
  11. Write stuff people will want to link to.
  12. Ask questions.
  13. Be funny.
  14. Be clever.
  15. Be remarkable.
  16. Request a link from someone else to a blog post.
  17. Do some public speaking.
  18. Write attractive headlines.
  19. Optimize your site for search engines.
  20. Deliver killer content.
  21. Guest post on someone else’s blog.
  22. Write in the second person (“you” not “me”).
  23. Tell stories.

Any serious blogger will eventually hit a plateau and need some help extending her platform beyond its initial reach.

This happens to all of us. And there’s nothing wrong with asking the question: “How can I get more traffic?” (Just make sure that your motive is to help and not merely to make you famous.)

We all get stuck some times. This is where using a “jump starter” like this list may come in handy. (Thanks to Seth Godin for inspiring this post with his own list of tips for how to get traffic for your blog.)


Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic in Less Time

Typical blog growth sucks because it takes forever to get to a point where we can utilize our traffic for things like advertising and selling information products.

Using strategies such as guest posts, social networking, social bookmarking, and link exchanges, we can drastically increase the amount of traffic coming to our blogs in less amount of time.

The video will show you visually how this works, on a graph.

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